Who I Am

About Me

I am based out of Abbotsford, BC. I provide makeup of all varieties to my clients, including beauty makeup, special effects makeup, and face painting.

I started as a makeup artist due to my love and passion for makeup. I originally was applying makeup on family and friends. My passion for makeup turned into a desire to pursue being a makeup artist as a career.

What I Do


I provide professional beauty makeup, special effects makeup, and face painting to help clients achieve their dream look.

My priority is customer satisfaction. My best advertising has come from word of mouth testimonials from my clients. I have worked on commercials, films, and photoshoots. I am available to work in any city or town in the Greater Vancouver Area, British Columbia.

Mel Komarniski

CEO / Makeup Artist

What Clients Say


Computer Scientist / Author / Actor

“I liked the fact that you were so gentle and caring and you made sure that I was comfortable with the whole makeup process.”

Mackenzie Gray

Producer / Director / Actor / Musician

“The girls looked SO BEAUTIFUL tonight. Great work!!! You had everyone looking perfect. You are fabulous. . . You did the work of 4 makeup artists!”



“You are a professional. I trust your opinion. I had a great time. I feel so pretty.”

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